About Me


My name is Scott and I retired in April of the last century.  I’ve done many things in my long life.  There seems to be some truth in the claim that a man never stops growing up; his toys become more expensive.

Writing is a hobby I began in the early 1960s.  And I’ve been published many times, often for money, but mostly for the pleasure of getting something off my chest.

For more than a decade I was in the United States Air Force (Strategic Air Command).  My job was in the avionics field, maintaining communications and navigation equipment installed in B-52Gs and KC-135As.  It was that experience that led to earning my amateur radio license twenty-five years ago.


  1. Hi Scott, God start on the Blog, I don’t know much about them.
    Thank You for your service in the Air Force.
    Also thank you for the lunch last week. We enjoyed.
    73 de Ron & Marge kj7uo/kb7wxp

    • I never earned any metals. I fixed navigation and communications systems B-52s and KC-135s. Never was shot at even though I was involved in the Suez Canal, supported carpet bombing in N. Vietnam, years of Airborne Alert, Cuban Missile Crisis, the Dominican Republic Crisis, and a maintenance crew member on the tankers that refueled JFK’s fighter escort when he left the country – Operation Wide Path. But none that put me in harms way.

      As for the Hippies. The ones I knew well were a couple of certified Minnesota School Teachers who bailed. But I haven’t heard from them since they took up teaching once again.

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