Incident In the Park

Hippies have always found Oregon a comfortable refuge. So they came by the droves after intercepting words of a newly constructed fountain located in the downtown park blocks. The locals were not overly thrilled with their presence. But they were shocked when the visitors shed their clothing and began bathing.

Shielding their children’s eyes, they whisked them home and then penned letters of protest to the editor of the Eugene Register-Guard. The newspaper, always watching for human interest stories published pages of them. Then a dispatch of a different tone arrived at the editor’s office.
The author of this post stated that he was not at all alarmed by the goings of the hippies. In fact, he’s rushed over to Newberry’s for hamburgers where they sat and masticated while watching the event.

The writers jumped on this, each one attacking the father for encouraging such activity. The editor published hundreds of opinions. Then someone definition masticate for masses.

In one felled swoop all the fun was over.