Methodist Church Founded in 1870



Sixty years have passed since I was baptized in this little church founded in by my great grandfather in Foster, Missouri.  I was 15.  After coming of age I enlisted in the Air Force and then busied myself with a family.  Forty years slipped by before I returned to find the chuch gone.  Much to my pleasure I found it nearly twenty miles to the east in the Park Blocks of Rich Hill where it serves as a quilting store.

4 thoughts on “Methodist Church Founded in 1870

  1. Jim L. says:

    I was born 0ne block south of the church in April 1937. I recall setting at the little table in the south east corner during sunday school. Miss Bess Haverly
    was my teacher. I can still see in my mind, several little ones around the table, I have one of the little chairs I sat in that I purchased from the church
    just before it was moved to Rich Hill Mo.


    • Scott says:

      Thanks for the comment, Jim. I think I have a picture of the chair you’ve mentioned. If I can find it I’ll post it.


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