Butler, Missouri As It Was Seventy Years Ago

Streetcar Diner

The Street Car Diner in 1944

Mom, Dad, and Me 1944

Me, my father, and my mother in 1944 at the Street Car Diner.

I first became aware of the Streetcar Diner in 1943, when my mother became the owner/operator. It occupied a place on the west side of U.S 71 in Butler, Missouri. The door had never been fitted with a lock because it operated twenty-four hours every day, even Christmas.
Rumors, as I recall, stated that it came to Butler shortly after World War I, constructed of two Kansas City streetcars retrieved from the “bone yard.” They were brought to Butler by rail and moved to location by draft horses and then attached side-by-side. One served as the dining area while the other was the kitchen and storeroom.
I was a small boy—a first grader—when she bought the diner, so most of the menu prices have been long forgotten. Coffee was five cents. Pie was fifteen cents, twenty cents with a dip of ice cream.


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