Our 45th


Bristol Head 001

McBark is the road guard
During the summer months of 2002 Barb and I hosted at the Bristol Head Campground near Creede, Colorado located on the Silver Thread Highway. For reasons that I still don’t understand, hardly anyone ever came there—perhaps two campers per week. We had a lot of time on our hands. Maybe it was the altitude—10,900 feet. It sapped our energy. Getting into bed before we were totally acclimated was a major accomplishment.
Our only communications was an amateur radio powered by a 75 Watt solar panel. The closest family was more than 500 miles away and we were going to have to celebrate our 45th wedding by anniversary by ourselves. In order to mark the event we baked our own cake in an Outback oven one layer at a time.
Neither of us considered how the altitude might alter the baking time. The instructions on the cake mix boxes weren’t even close. It was evening by the time we had it frosted. And with only two of us to eat it we made pigs of ourselves. It was fun. It made a precious memory.