Hamming from Pie Town, New Mexico

Scan0041_041 (2)

Barb and I own 11 acres on the spine of the New Mexico Rockies.  It’s unimproved–no water and no electrical power.  If nothing gets in my way I’ll be broadcasting on 20- and 40-meters from there the last week in May.  Launching a signal from 8,700 feet is very effective.

In the photo I’m transmitting with a MFJ-9420 and a hamstick, using my call N7NET.  The electrical power is coming from a solar panel.

misc 087

Two years ago I went there on my Honda CB-900C.  How much I could take was very restricted, so I operated with a fistful of AA batteries.  I didn’t make any headlines, but I had a lot of fun.