Larry and family

Barb, Carolyn, Larry

Barb, Carolyn, and Larry

 Sunset Beach, early 1950s

Carolyn, Barb, Larry

Carolyn, Barb, and Larry at Home, mid 1950s

Curley, Mary, Larry

Grandpa and Grandpa Bates and Larry at Eel Creek

Evelyn Larson and Larry02

Evelyn and Larry?

Four Finells 02

Larry, Barb, Uncle Don, Carolyn – 1949

Grandpa Curley, Granma, Larry 02

Grandpa and Grandma Bates and Larry

Grandpa Finell and Tammy or Evie 02

Grandpa with Tammy

Larry and a pumpkin 02

Larry and the Largest Pumpkin In The County?

Larry by himself 02


Larry, Barb 02

Larry and Barb

Larry, Bob, Barb 02

Carolyn, Larry, and Barb

Lisa and Ryan 02

Lisa and Ryan

Lisa, Sandy, Ryan, Karen 02

Lisa, Sandee, Ryan, and Karen

Mary and Laarry 02

Larry and ?

Ryan 02



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