Motorcycle Odyessy Part 6

Dawn arrived still and cold in the horse corral. We would have remained in the tent until the sun had things a bit, but hunger drove us out. Logic directed us to continue on our way west, but our appetites sent us back to Searchlight and the Nugget Casino where ham and eggs and  hot coffee awaited us.

Our waitress, a middle-aged lady, took our order and while we waited I performed an old coffee trick, making the spoon appear to stand on its own in the cup.


“I don’t think I can drink this coffee,” I announced as she set our breakfast orders on our table.
“Why?” she asked, her voice filled with concern.
“Too strong. Look. The spoon won’t even fall over,” I said, pointing to the cup.
“Good Lord!” she gasped, moving to grab my cup.
“It’s a joke,” I said, tapping the cup so the spoon fall over.
She was only minutes learning how it was done and then she demoed it for everyone in the dining room.
So much for my spoon trick.
A few miles beyond our horse corral is Nipton. There is little there other than a small store. That’s where we found a bag of Anasazi Beans. We read extensively about these beans being a staple for the Anasazi tribes populating the southwest during ancient times.  But we harbored little hope of ever finding them anywhere. In spite of the extra weight, we bought a bag.


Baker California claims to have the largest thermometer in the world. It is large.


We wheeled into a Baker service station for fuel. While we were there one of the fellows running the station checked his competition across the highway with a pair of field glasses.

“Yep! They’re raising their gas prices two cents,” he said and set about changing their sign.

We were dehydrating ourselves at a convenience store before starting across Death Valley when a couple arrived on a new Goldwing. It was so decked with chrome and plastic that the only thing that distinguished from an automobile was that it had two wheels.

“You’re making us look bad with that new machine,” I said as they climbed off.

He smiled and asked where we were headed. When we cranked and rode away he stood in the middle of the road and watched us for several minutes.

We stopped midway across the desert and added the spare two-liters of gasoline. It was afternoon by the time we reached US 95 at Amargosa Valley.

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We bought fuel there and continued on to Beatty where we rented tent space at one of the many campgrounds there.


We quickly killed a six-pack, showered, and then had dinner, in that order.  Then we turned in.

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