Barb Earns Her Amateur Radio License – 4


The person occupying the front saddle is usually called the Captain. The person behind is often known as the Stoker (some stokers prefer to be known as the Rear Admiral). Perhaps RA better fits our situation. While I steer, shift gears, and handle the brakes, Barb does more than contribute additional power. She is navigator, photographer, entertainment director, and weapons officer. With the latter means defending us against vicious K-9s (pepper spray) when a loud voice and threatening gestures fail to turn our aggressor. But wait! There’s more.

I’d earned my radio license a number of years earlier. Barb has considered testing for her ticket, but until she became aware of Bicycle Mobile Hams of America did she did not truly put her shoulder to the wheel, as it were, and become KC7BSY. As the holder of a Technician Class, she transmits on the VHF bands and above, offering smaller, solid-state transceivers as well as true mobile antennas. It’s a proven fact that female voices fetch more responses than male. She is often a very busy communications officer,

Once, while pedaling to a distant tandem rally–distant for us–Barb read aloud several chapters from Stephen King’s book, The Shining. Hence, entertainment director. We always thought that would become even more useful, should we find ourselves pedaling across Wyoming or the Dakotas.