July 2013

July 7th

Almost 58 years ago to-the-day I bought a 1948 Pontiac convertible. Sweet! I didn’t realize just how sweet until I happened upon an old girlfriend who had occupied the right seat during that period. I hadn’t seen her in 40 years and a bit of catch up seemed in order.


“Do you remember when I stopped the passenger train in Hume?” I asked.

“All I remember is the car,” she said.

001 (46)

“Oh…………okay,” I replied, thinking to myself, why has it taken 40 years to recognize her as the gold digger that she is?


Yesterday I watched an old movie, “The Blob.” In the end they used fire extinguishers to reduce its size to where they could load it on an airplane and fly it to the Arctic where it would stay cold. Had this situation been as real as our climate change seems to be, we might be dealing with “The Blob” again.


Last week cool air moved in from Canada and we had a few days of relief from the North Texas heat. But that was last week. This week the weather guesser is predicting 99 degrees.


vicky (2)


Our youngest daughter, Vicky, has encouraged me to write my personal history for her. I began with my Great Great Grandfather Robert Laughlin when he was released from military service during the War of 1812. In a week I’ve reached the point where I’m ready to start the 8th grade and I’ve recorded more than 50,000 words. I didn’t know there was so much to tell.


July 8th

The temperature will be up in North Texas. Those of us dwelling here will have to hunker down and await autumn, I guess. However, the weather is stable, soothing that was not so in April of 2012.


This photo was taken along Interstate 20 from a Dallas Channel 4 News helicopter. Those airborne objects are 53′ trailers belonging to Schnider Trucking.

Yesterday I finished Tina’s quilt. It’s in a box ready for the postman. We’ll journey to the post office before the heat of the day is upon us.