Note: Please know that I cannot claim credit for any of these photos. I would give credit to those who deserve it if I knew their identity.


Ramey Air Force Base as I knew it during my tour 1963 – 1966. It didn’t always look this way.

In 1939 protection for the Panama Canal was required, and contractors began building of Ramey Air Force Base.


Obviously, this photo was taken during the monsoon  season. These conditions must have made construction very difficult. But they succeeded, proven by the first photo.

The Officers had their Officer’s Club, the NCO had their club, and the lower class enlisted folks had theirs, the contractors had their own club.

After the contractors were finished and departed the building was turned over to MARS (Military Affiliated Radio Service). From this facility military personnel could access “phone patches” for short telephone conversations with family members at home.

Sadly, Ramey was decommissioned in 1973 and the building now stands silent, living only in the memories of those who recall another time.



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