Olaf’s Camper

Nearly 60 years ago, between high school graduation and enlisting in the Air Force, I met Olaf. He and his wife were retired and agents for the Travel Queen Camper Company, or a name similar to that.

He did the soft-sell, selling by example. He knew I was broke but he began his pitch anyway.

“We were motoring along the Oregon Coast one Sunday afternoon, when the Misses announced that she was sleepy and wanted to take a nap. We were in no hurry. We had our house with us. It didn’t matter if we got home tomorrow or next week,” he said.

He brought  his Chevrolet to a halt beneath a shade tree and then took off on foot to do some beachcombing while she got some shuteye.

“I was gone a couple of hours and collected a pocketful of agates and a few pieces of interesting driftwood. I thought I was going to  wake her up, but  much to my surprise she’d discovered a nearby apple tree nearby baked a pie while I was away.”

Amazing! If I’d had some money and a pickup he would have made a sale that day.