And Suddenly There Were Two of Them


During the final days of April 1967 Barb and I were blessed with twin girls, Sonya and Tina, in that order in the photo. After they came home Barb kept their wrist bands, A and B, on until they were about to outgrow them, then she painted Sonya’s big toenail with red polish in order to keep them straight.

From day one each was an extension of the other. Communications have often been exchanged without words and as they grew they drove their teachers crazy by switching clothing and classes.

When they were in high school a young man we who kept the serving line clean at a local restaurant found himself head over heels in love with both while thinking there was only one of them. That is, until they both came with us to his work place to celebrate their collective birthdays. The young man could not believe his eyes and he literally forgot he was hired to do a job. He made an absolute fool of himself that day and I‘ve been laughing ever since.

The photo was taken in 1993, celebrating Halloween at local nursing home where Barb was a nurse. They were 26 years old and came dressed as Siamese twins.

Even though they have their separate lives and mates, they maintain a bond, a no-man’s-land, where no one else may tread.