Daily Cycling

The daytime North Texas temperatures are becoming springlike. It’s a signal that 2014 cycling must begin. Yesterday was my first day this year to answer the call. With the pickup in the shop and being a need of more orange juice paramount, I rise to the challenge. Connecting the Trailers R Us to my ’05 Bike Friday New World Tourist, I set out to fetch the juice.

The distance was nothing to comment on, nor were the grades, but my legs objected mightily. They wanted to go back home and prop themselves on a footstool. But after a ten minutes of warmup in a lower gear I worked them through the“give up mode” and we, the legs and I, traveled those few easy miles to and from the story.

Last night in bed I was aware the workout.

Today is warmer than yesterday, so we, the legs and I, set out again, but without the trailer. Already I feel the results of yesterday’s effort.

We are on our way. Wish us luck