Spring Has Sprung, Or Hs It?

North Texas is noted for having a firm grip on it’s seasons. This past week one might have assumed that winter was only a memory.


Winter was evidently lazing around the Red River this past week when it heard that warmer air was on it way from the Gulf of Mexico. And it had much to say. Darkness had not settled over Texas, so Ol’ Man Winter brought a darkness of his own – wind, hail the size of baseballs, rain falling in torrents. As if that were not enough he sent a tornado or two zigzagging their way on a northeasterly path … in the dark. To the best of my knowledge no one was injured or killed. I suppose the old man felt pretty smug, sending us dashing to our closets for jackets.

Today he is sending chilled winds our way, but he knows his efforts are futile. He knows that WE know he’s saving his strength for the trip back to the North Pole.