Assingment Three – Three Somgs

Music That Has Stayed With Me Throughout the year

Music has influenced everyone, even back in ancient times. That fact is proven by the instruments from ancient times. Me, music has stayed with me, causing me to reflect on events that were occurring during that period of time.

Before is started the first grade in 1943, my father was away along with four uncles who were serving in different World War II capacities, while my mother and I stayed on the family farm. Sometime during the summer of 1942 my mother and I moved to a small town some twenty miles north of the farm where she bought a cafe called The Streetcar Diner. It was the result of two discarded Kansas City street cars that had been hauled the seventy miles and then fastened together, side-by-side. One coach was the dining area while the other was the kitchen and storage. In the north end of the dining coach sat a juke box. Songs cost five cents each or six for a quarter. The Streetcar Diner was open twenty-four hours, everyday, and the juke box played songs continuously.

Two of those songs – Buttermilk Skies and You Belong To Me – will forever remain etched in my brain. Just how the first relates to anything other than liking the words is a mystery. However, the lyrics for You Belong To Me related directly to Jo Stafford and her hope that her bomber pilot husband would remain true to her.

Then there were a cascade of great songs, so great that it is impossible for me to choose one over the other. However, after graduating high school my cousin and I drove an ailing Chevrolet sedan cross country to the west coast – kind like the old television series, Route 66, except we didn’t rescue people in distress. We had our own distress issues, the car that promised to leave us stranded.

After arriving on Oregon, we took jobs building US 97 bridge over the Southern Pacific tracks. It was an extreme difficult job. We pushed wheelbarrow loads of cement up plank inclines that served as vertical supports. Each evening we returned to our rented room situated above a busy tavern with a juke box that continuously played Canadian Sunset into the wee hours.

I learned to love this song. It’s. to only nice For listening, but it causes me to return to my youth, my first year on my own in 1956, nearly 50 years ago. It gives my comfort, knowing that I did not waste my youth on drugs and drink.

One thought on “Assingment Three – Three Somgs

  1. Juke boxes! Those little juke boxes that used to be at the end of formica tables in diners and truck stops! I remember driving my parents, and a certain aunt, crazy with pleas for nickles.

    And, Canadian Sunset was one of my mother’s favorite songs. I still have one of my mother’s old Billy Vaughn albums that featured Canadian Sunset. I remember her I remember her carefully picking up the arm on the stereo and even more carefully setting it down again, putting the needle in the little space on the record between songs, to play it over and over. She got quite good at it.

    Thanks for jogging a pleasant memory. And, thanks for liking my day 3 post. I hope it gave you something good to think about.


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