Death To Adverbs

Writing 101, Day 8

Death To Adverbs

One evening, many years ago, a small group of us headed into Biloxi, a town adjacent to Keesler AFB. New to town, we decided to check out the movie theater known as the “Dirty Thirty-Five'” so called because anything was okay as long as your admittance fee was paid in advance – bring a jug and/or six pack, smoke a cigar, bring a plate of spaghetti – the choices were many. Since scoping this place out was my idea, I was first in line and I chose the seats.

Except for two sailors and a young couple, the front row was vacant. My attention was drawn from the movie to the sound of a beer can rolling toward the front of the theater. But the clatter was soon overshadowed by one of sailors passing gas. The report was heard by all. Before anyone could react, the guilty sailor jumped to his feet, turned and shouted, “That’s okay lady. I’ll tell them I did it.”

She left, making it seem as though she was indeed guilty. We followed. Not because of embarrassment, but because the odor was overwhelming.


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