To Whom It May Concern

To Whom It May Concern

Writing 101, Day 14

Open a any book to page 28 and write about the first word that jumps off the page. Well, I happened to have a volume of The Fiction Writer’s Research Handbook close at hand. The word that jumped out at me was character.

The word character offers a wide latitude, but the first image to comes to mind is a “character” arguing over the cost of repairing his car, a Ford LTD with a repair bill of something greater than $60.

“I’m not paying that much,” he shouted at the service advisor.

“It is what it is, sir,” Lee, the advisor, answered.

But the man repeated his first statement even louder, a tone which caught the service manager’s attention. Entering into the discussion, Green, the service manager, attempted to begin anew, reading off the labor and parts costs itemized on the repair order.

“I’m not paying it. Give me the keys,” the man demanded. By this time he was loosing his temper and someone called the owner of the Ford store, Dave.

“It’s very simple. If you don’t pay I’ll file a labor lean against your car and impound it,” Dave told him.

At that point, the car owner snatched the keys from the advisor’s hand, jumped in the car and headed for the door.

Lee hit the door switch and it was half closed when the driver hit it ripping it from the building, and then headed south on Second Street. Someone had already dialed the police, because they caught up with him before he got out of town. He put up scuffle, but the police overpowered him, of course, and he went straight to jail.

Dave impounded the car. It remained there for the required length of time. Then the car was auctioned.

No one I knew ever saw this character again, but maybe that was because he chose not to shop at the Ford store anymore.

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