Turning the Pages

Turning the Pages

20 June 2014

My maternal grandfather saw first light in the Sand Hills of Nebraska. I’m not certain of the date other than it was sometime in the early 1880s. That was prior to the telephone, automobile, radio, and television, but not before books were available.

Many horseback miles existed between his home and the nearest place where he could select a book to buy or borrow. That distance caused him to take great care. He once shared with me the method he eventually developed for making his choices. “I read page one, page ninety-nine, and the last page.”

After he was no longer able to drive, I carefully watched him when I drove him to the library. He faithfully followed his method to the end.

Sometimes, when I have difficulty deciding, especially when I’m going to own that which I choose, I put his simple formula into practice. It has yet to fail me.