Set for Solstice


Set for Solstice

21 June 2014

How will I use my extra minutes?

I’m an amateur radio operator (Not C.B.. I studied very hard and passed two Morse code tests in order to earn my license 25 years ago).

Today is Field Day in the Amateur Radio World. Every community with enough hams is busy erecting portable antenna towers, bringing antennas, radios, tuners, tables, chairs, and positive attitudes. At noon our group will begin making contacts worldwide and continue doing so during the next 24 hours. At the end of that period we will take our antennas, towers, radios, tuners, tables, chairs, and positive attitudes back home. Next week we will submit our results to the American Radio Relay League in Newington CT for scoring. It’s a contest.

There are strict rules. Groups must bring their own own power – generators, solar panels, whatever. Those groups using commercial power are automatically disqualified.

Why do this?

There are severl reasons: it fun, it’s a contest, and it’s an opportunity to hone our radio skills, fine tune our equipment, and practice setting up and taking down in a timely manner.

Perhaps the next time disaster strikes we will be able to provide communications while our community is recovers.

2 thoughts on “Set for Solstice

  1. My husband is kind-a sort-a into Ham radio. He has his AARP license but just not a place to set it all up. Maybe one day he’ll get his Ham Shack. It’s an interesting hobby and one that provides a great service to others.


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