Mexico’s Chiricahua Apaches

Offside Memories
Daily Post

22 June 2014

I’m not much into spectator sports, with the exception of baseball. Therefore, I have few firsthand memories from which to draw. However, when I read Ben’s Daily Post I instantly recalled Carl Lumholtz’s book, Unknown Mexico. Lumholtz published this book in 1903, after spending five years with the Chiricahua Apaches in the Sierra Madre Mountains.

His experiences were many, but what I most vividly remember is the “kick ball” game. Kicking a stone ball each young Apaches ran scores if not hundreds of miles with only brief pauses. Word of their passing through villages preceded them and young girls awaited their arrival. Then, running along side they offered these young heros food and water.

Someone connected with the Olympic Games Commission decided this would be a fine competition to add. But the contestants saw no sense in the rules, and continued running in a straight line, not to be seem again for several days.

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