Fifty-Two Years, Barb and I

Barb and I are two fortunate individuals.

Some folks don’t even live as long as we’ve managed to keep our union alive.



23 June 1962


23 June 2014



7 thoughts on “Fifty-Two Years, Barb and I

    • Thank you. And congratulations in holding everything together through the decades.

      I was in the Air Force when we married. Barb’s followed me from pillar to post since that day. She is my light.


    • I went back and read your blog (I should have done that before responding). It is beautifully written. I went through this with my mother, so I understand to a point, but I’m certain the impact is greater when it happens to a mate. With my mother there were days when she didn’t know me, when I was her brother, then her father, everyone but her son.

      I can only wish you well.


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