Self Esteem

26 June 2014

Nearly everyday I hear bad publicity concerning WalMart – low wages, poor health benefits, dead end jobs, enemy of the corner Mom and Pop store. I could go on. Without a doubt, the store is guilty as charged in many cases, as well as many other retail stores. Is this free enterprise at work, keeping the prices high and wages low? I’m asking.

I’ve personally observed WalMart employing some who might be unable to compete in the job market.

I can point to a young man who is extremely handicapped. Walking is a struggle for him, but he is an efficient checker.

One day, when I was unable to locate an item, I stopped a woman who was busy stocking shelves. She couldn’t help me because she is deaf, and indicated such. Later, I saw a fellow employee signing, giving her instructions, I assume.

A decade ago, while on a motorcycle journey, Barb and I stopped at a WalMart in Susanville, California. Our air mattress, after encountering a cactus, was no longer of any use. Being strangers in town, we were delighted when a young man met us at the door. However, he was in a wheelchair and I wasn’t sure how much help he could provide.

“Follow me,” he said. Quickly turning a one-eighty, he escorted us through the store, and to isle where the air mattresses were displayed. “I can’t reach them, but maybe you can,” he said, pointing.

These examples might qualify for SSI or some other assistance, but handouts don’t build self esteem like a job does.

8 thoughts on “Self Esteem

  1. Great thought Scott. Even I believe that employment is the biggest help one can give to one who in need……… Not donations……I volunteer now a days by teaching and playing with kids.. who cant afford Summer Camp fees……………… believe me…. being with them is the greatest pleasure of my life…….


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