Strike Up the Party

Daily Prompt

6 July 2014



It’s after midnight and Customs has already closed for the weekend. Those who work there have already departed Charleston AFB, South Carolina.

Shortly after, an approaching aircraft calls for clearance to land.

“Something fishy going on here,” remarks one of three airmen on night duty as they watch the C-119 taxi to the outer most edge of the darkened ramp and then cut the engines. Time passes while the flight crew conducts a post flight inspection.

The three airmen wait until the flight crew departs for the BOQ. Then they pile into a “follow me” truck and make a trip to the darkened airplane.

The logbook indicates that this flight originated at the Azores. Mental red flags go up. These folks are hiding something. The time has arrived to conduct a thorough search.


Six cases of undeclared scotch in 40 ounce bottles are discovered. Tsk. Tsk. This flight crew is little better than a pack of Caribbean smugglers … neither are these three airmen.

They know that the disappearance of undeclared booze will never be reported. Doing so would prompt an immediate Customs investigation.

Meanwhile, there are rumors that an unauthorized enlisted man’s beer club exists. Without a doubt, a party is already in the planning stage.