Issues of the Day

Coyote Howls Park is a quiet, out-the-way place in Arizonan’s Sonoran Desert, located about halfway between Yuma and Tucson – 135 miles either way. Sometimes, in the early evening hours, we connected our low-band wire antenna to our general coverage receiver and then tuned in KGO Radio. Our purpose was to hear the “Issues of the Day” as seen through the eyes of Gene Burns, a San Francisco socialite who kept his ear to the ground, so to speak.

Most often the issues were related to the Bay Area, of only small interest to we desert-dwellers. However, one evening his opening statement was “one-size-fits-all – food.

“On my way to the studio this evening I stopped at a small diner for a sandwich,” he began. “It was a terrible experience. Can anyone suggest where I might find a good sandwich in San Francisco?” he added.

The phone rang off the hook for two solid hours. The suggestions were endless. Some good. Some better. By the time he ended his allotted time and was handing the microphone over to Burney Ward, our appetites were out-of-control.

Even though the only city offering us a choice lay 135 miles east of us, Barb and I were ready to crank the Chevrolet and head that way. But where to go once we arrived?

Some things are simply not meant to be, I suppose. This was evidently one of those times. Grudgingly, we took our cravings to bed with us.

But not before promising ourselves to be at Ajo’s deli when they opened their doors the following morning.

2 thoughts on “Issues of the Day

  1. Thank you. Life at Coyote Howls was uneventful compared to other places we visited. It gave us an appreciation for insignificant things that under other settings went unnoticed.


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