Odd Trio Redux

Time for another Odd Trio prompt: write a post about any topic you want, in whatever form or genre, but make sure it features a slice of cake, a pair of flip-flops, and someone old and wise.

Barb is approaching the age where she can qualify as old and wise. However, not long ago she became ensnared a generational language gap during our granddaughter’s birthday party. Ice cream and cake were being served when Barb offhandedly mentioned she was going shopping for new thongs.

The party came to a screeching halt, or nearly so, while granddaughter gave her grandma the eagle eye.

“You wear thongs?” Sarah finally blurted.

“Of course, and so do you,” Barb said, pointing to her granddaughter’s footwear.

“Those are flip-flops, Grandma!”a

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