A Coffee Break

Last autumn I visited my doctor for my annual geezer physical. There are parts of that physical I could easily skip, but I submitted to his wishes, and then furnished a blood sample. Having stopped smoking 38 years prior, I thought all was well and went home.

After a few days his nurse rang me with the results. Everything was pretty normal, she told me, EXCEPT your kidneys are not up to par. In response to my query, she instructed me to drink, lots of water, and return for a recheck in 60 days.

At the end of of my grace period I returned for a follow up. No change!

He took me off coffee. For another 60 days I drank hot water, honey and water, and everything without caffeine. And then returned for yet another follow up.

I don’t know what the kidney function units are, but he turned his laptop so I could see the results – the numbers were reduced by .01 something from the first test.

“Your kidneys are functioning at about 60% and I think that normal for someone in their mid-70s,” he said.

Wow, I thought to myself, Starbucks here I come. It was a grand experience. About halfway through the cup I would have been a security risk, if the old World War II poster, Loose Lips Sink Ships, means anything.

Since that date Barb and have set up a coffee schedule. Immediately following our reading of a chapter in Holy Bible, while the hot Texas sun is still behind the trees, we move to the patio and swig down a large cup of Joe while discussing the issues of the day.

And that’s it. No more coffee until the following morning.

Life is good.

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