August Blues

As was true with most kids, I was anxious to return to school in order to learn what my classmates did with their summer.

Now that I’m older I’m again anxious, but for different reasons – the summer heat will soon come be gone, and harvest time is just around the corner, as it were.

As a gardener, autumn is not only in the calendar date, but a joyful experience as well. The leaf mold and rich soil clinging to the root plants – carrots, potatoes, onions – emanate sensations those who buy their produce from the local supermarket will never know.

2 thoughts on “August Blues

  1. I like your comparison of garden fresh produce and super market stuff. While recently visiting my sister at her summer cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains we stopped by the farm market each day for fresh picked corn. Wonderful treat for a city mouse.


    • Thanks. I enjoy the soil. I can almost hyperventilate on the scent of autumn – the leaf mold from last year’s compost really turns me on.


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