Head Turner

“Did you see that?” asked Barb.

“See what?” I asked, my interest piqued by the her faint smile.

“That lady you held the doors or, you didn’t notice she was bare breasted?”

“WHAT?” I blurted. I pushed open the door for a better look. I caught a brief glimpse of what I’d missed before Barb hooked my arm and escorted me into the coffee shop. Indeed, this young lady was a head turner.

But this is Eugene, Oregon, a liberal college town where many thing are simply okay … my kind of town.

Last year an old friend sent me a Google photo of Eugene, knowing I would enjoy exploring it. I did.

One of the places I brought into focus was the Bagel Sphere, a small place on Willamette Street Barb and I often visited. A large window facing the street was our favorite perch where we, if we waited long enough, sampled a very wide cross-section of the human race.

As I brought the Bagel Sphere into sharper focus I discovered, near the doorway, a man seated at upright piano mounted on a modified bicycle frame. I could almost hear the melody was hammering out at the moment Google captured his image.

That, too, was a head turner.

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