All About Me

When I decided to start a blog the question of what it should be called stood in the way of moving forward. Did I wish to narrow my subject(s) with a title, or did I wish the name have little influence on what I decided to write? It was no simple matter, but I finally chose my amateur radio call sign.
My amateur radio call sign was assigned to me by the Federal Commission Commission, after passing a series of difficult tests, more than 26 years. Itis unique the world over. Folks in Brazil, China, Denmark, Greece, Iran, and even Russia can research my call sign and learn who I am. 

The “N” indicates I’m a radio operators living in America. The “7” indicates my call it was earned in one of the western states: Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, or Montana. I received mine in Oregon. The last three letter, “NET” set my call sign apart from all the other N calls within 7-land, as it were.

Choosing my call sign made the blog more personal, at least it seems that way to me, while leaving the subject matter open to whatever may catch my fancy at any given moment on any given day.
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