Time Rex

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The Time Rex Machine

Oregon State University hosts an annual event called DeVinci Days. The theme, the times we attended, centered around inventions and creative thinking. One year a group of human powered vehicles, some from Washington State, paraded through the streets. I was enthralled with what folks had created. Time Rex, featured in the photo is the creation of two engineering students. It is pedal-powered by two people and just in case they encounter an unusually steep incline there are 103 speeds from which to choose.

Near the end of the parade course each machine is required to ford the Willamette River. One can see the required pontoons in the photo. Somehow, they managed to engage a propeller and eventually they climbed the bank on the other side.

The name Time Rex didn’t ring a bell with me. The explanation they offered either went over my head, or they didn’t have one. A bit of research has netted little more than I gleaned from the two inventors. But perhaps these two explanations, one or the other, or both, define what they had in mind when they declared it finished.

Rex is the Latin word for King.

Rex is a functional programming language created by IBM.

The word TIME still does not fit. Perhaps a reader is educated in such things or understands the linguists behind the name?