Field Day 2015

Every year during the last weekend of June amateur radio operators, world-wide, join in an event called Field Day. The basic idea is to talk with as many other operators as possible using various modes: digital (computers), single band band (voice), and Morse code (telegraph key). In all there were 105 club members who signed in. Visitors who talked on the radio for the first time numbered 25. Contacts were 440 SSB and 783 CW in Morse code for a total of 1223 contacts.

Such an event has occurred this weekend involving our McKinney Amateur Radio Club in McKinney, Texas. One of our Morse code champion operators talked with nearly 800 people around the world from one o’clock yesterday afternoon until dawn this morning.

Image-1 (1)

This is our club communications trailer which is fully equipped with radios, antennas and a generator. When the Columbia exploded after launching a few years back,  scattering pieces over Texas, this unit spent several months in the field helping with recovery and communications.

Image-1 (3)

Three temporary antenna towers erected in this field are imperative to our Field Day success.

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The local Boy Scouts were on site yesterday earning their radio badges. This morning they returned and fixed breakfast for us all, earning their cooking badges. In the photo above we are all gathered devouring the food they cooked for us. Extreme fun for everyone.