Generation XYZ

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Generation XYZ.”

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I believe every generation looks at those in the wings as somehow inferior, less able to handle the situations they, the old-timers faced. Maybe we grow old and bitter. Maybe we just grow bitter. Maybe we don’t want to face the truth that they need time to mature just as we did.

Plato claimed the generation following him would not be able to handle the world affairs. But the fact that I’m generating this post is proof that he was wrong.

I spent a good many years as a B-52 maintainer, fixing airborne navigation equipment which enabled the bombers to find their assigned targets. We did this not at our leisure, but under get-it-done pressures – the Suez Canal Crisis, Cuban Missile Crisis, Dominican Republic Crisis, Airborne Alert – (keeping cocked B-52s flying the parameter of the USSR 24/7), and rotating aircraft and maintainers in and out of Guam while we bombed North Vietnam. Each was a tall order me as a youngster 50 years ago.

Yet, the maintainers now doing my job of old are far more skilled than was I. And the flight crews of those B-52 H models are the grandchildren of those who began more than 50 years ago with A models. And they are a fearsome group of people, men and women.