Going Obsolete

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Going Obsolete.”

I was serving in the Strategic Air Command when Barb and I were married. I was a maintainer of communications and navigation systems aboard combat aircraft, and a grunt who was pretty far down on the financial scale. Consequently, we couldn’t afford a television. However providing her with a broadcast receiver was doable.

Working nights on the flight line meant Barb spent her nights alone, with time to explore what radio had to offer. We’d been married about three weeks when the powers that be cut orders sending me on a week-long temporary assignment (TDY) aboard a refueling tanker aircraft as an airborne maintenance man to Florida and then out of the country.

She made good use of her time. San Francisco and KGO Radio were within range, and she soon discovered remote broadcasts from a popular nightclub known far and wide as the Hungry [i] (sic lower case).

When I returned she showed me her radio log, indicating she’d heard Barbra Streisand and the Three Freshmen, making their debuts from the stage of that club. She was ecstatic and her mental pictures exceeded the photographs she saw later.

A year later, we were transferred to Puerto Rico, where we stayed for three years. The influx of new airmen to Ramey AFB brought news of television programs – Batman, Bonanza, and others that have escaped my memory, but nothing about broadcast radio.

Our three years passed and we returned stateside. At the first opportunity I tuned in KGO only to learn the Hungry [i] had fallen out of favor. In its place was Ira Blue with a Talk Show. And on that first night a lady called Ira and informed him that she’d, moments earlier, captured a fly. inside a glass and covered it with wax paper. Then she held the glass close to the phone so we could all hear the buzzing and then she asked Ira if he knew what the fly might be saying.

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Yes, of all the ideas that have fallen by the wayside I think I miss useful radio programs most. They offered me something of value.