Shadows From the Rim


While hiking the Canyon

By the Colorado

I spotted a cliff house

A home for someone.

It took hard climbing

To reach that gaping door

Which I found so small

I‘d be on all four.

I ducked low to enter

Through the small way

Where I could rest ‘til

The following day.

Between these steep walls

Sunshine so seldom cast

I had to eat quickly

Cuz night’s coming fast.

I hunched in the doorway

To watch the Colorado

As they might have too

In evening afterglow

In the gloom of after light

I lay on the floor

And through the window

Heard the Colorado roar.

In the caves darkness

I felt I weren’t alone

As the wind freshened

There came a ghostly moan.

Gentle sounds, they were

Reflections so dim

I knew them to be

Shadows from the rim.