Flowers Changing Color


The notion of flowers changing colors is fascinating. I recall adding food coloring into a vase of cut flowers as a grammar school project, and then watching the pedal veins gradually change color. Aside from that, my flower experience is almost nil. So I enlisted the aid of my wife’s cousin, a lady who has spent her life growing them. She offered the following experiences:

Only twice have I seen flowers change color, both instances occurring soon after we moved into this house,” she told me.

The first time involved a gladiolus in our lower yard. I decided I would enjoy it more if it were closer to the patio where I could view it from a window. The year after it was moved the blossoms changed from deep pink to a light lavender color. I was surprised. After it finished blooming I dug up the bulb and found a rusty nail underneath it. Our house is where the old one used to be, the one that burned in 1954, and probably the source of the nail. I got rid of the nail and replanted the bulb.

The following year it came back in the deep pink I enjoyed so much and has stayed that color since.

I also planted a pink hydrangea at the same time I moved the gladiolus. A few years later it turned blue. Our soil is acidy from our fir and hemlock trees, so I don’t mind the change.”