Memory On the Menu

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Memory on the Menu.”

Time has a way of glossing over how we recall our past experiences. The bumps we encountered before arriving here today don’t seem so abrupt now. I’m recalling the trials of raising a family.

One Friday evening our second daughter, Sophia, complained about a pain in the side of her neck below her chin. I called my wife at work and gave her the results of how my inexperienced fingers had discovered a bump and she agreed it might be the mumps. Off to the emergency room we raced. After a few minutes of probing the doctor asked if she’d been in a fight.

Another time we’d packed up for a well-earned weekend on the coast. As we raced along the highway our second daughter, Sonya, threw up on the back of my neck.

There are five daughters in all, so my list could outlast my fingers. But these two memories occurred some forty years ago, and have since become a source of smiles, nods, and outbursts of laughter.

Knowing what I’ve learned, would I do those years again?

In a heartbeat!

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