Cee’s Tips and Tricks: Black & White – Part Two

Cee's Photography

Tips and TricksThis is part two of a three part series of Black and White Tips and Tricks series I will share with you some of what I have learned regarding switching a photo to black and white.  This week I will talk share with you a couple of techniques I found with switching white balance and highlights in your post processing software.

Here is Part One of this series in case you missed it.

Hint:  Use post processing to turn your photo into black and white.  If you use your camera settings, you could lose a lot of detail and flexibility in adjusting your photos.

The photo I’m using in this post is of a lotus I took this summer.  I will be using it to demonstrate how different it can look with very little effort within your post-processing software.  All I did was heighten the vibrance and sharpen it.

I used Adobe Bridge to make…

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