I’M Coming Clean

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Dear Mom.”

boat 3

Dear Mom,

Remember the time I told you my cousin and I had tried to retrieve a rowboat from the river at flood stage? And the water was so high and so swift we had to let it go? Well, that wasn’t how it really happened, Mom.

One of us had read about abandoned ships at sea, how anyone who could climb aboard and claim as their own. In our young minds we reasoned that the same thing would hold true for a boat drifting in a river. The only catch was we had to set one adrift. We had no intention of stealing it. We just though a boat ride would be fun.

We found Cody’s boat chained to a tree. Knowing the ways of the river, he’d secured it with a very long chain, one that could be reached even during flood stage. It was a simple matter to get it loose, but a horse of a different color to retrieve it. A drifting log got tangled in the chain and the boat got away from us.

We weren’t old enough to drive. We’d ridden our horses to the river. With all the hoof prints around the tree, and the boat and chain gone, Cody quickly figured out what had really happened. By the time he found it in a brush pile fifty miles down stream he was mad as a hornet. And he promised us the sheriff was going to hear about this. We were scared stiff.

I guess the statute of limitations have passed and it’s safe to come clean?