10 thoughts on “Half & Half

    • Janet. Thanks.

      We have some things in common. My wife of 53 years and I owned seven VW cars and vans. Also, in 2005 she and I pedaled a Tandem bike on the Katy Trail. It was a true challenge.


      • A tandem? Wow, good for you! The guy at the bike shop Bill goes to sometimes calls a tandem “a ticket to a divorce.” Obviously the two of you bucked the odds. πŸ™‚


  1. There is a saying in the tandem bicycle world. where ever your relationship is headed, it will arrive there more quickly on a tandem.

    Yes, Barb and I were mRried about 35 years before we bought a Burley Samba. In the first 250 miles I learned things I didn’t know about her. Most of it was good.


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