A Moment In Time


In 1975 our family traveled to Crater Lake National Park and pitched our tent at Lost Creek Campground, a few miles off Rim Drive.  The major attraction here is the pinnacles, the solidified cores of volcano vents for Mt. Mazama, the mountain that once stood in the spot Crater Lake now occupies.

Folklore states that 12,000 years ago, when Mt. Mazama blew up, the Indians considered this place the Battleground of the Gods and gave it a wide berth.


Tina is in the foreground, Vicky is in the center, and Sonya is only partially visible.  Each girl has a slightly different reaction to what they are witnessing.  Unfortunately, I didn’t notice this for 35 years.


[A response from the daughter in the center, Vicky.]

Hi Dad,
I remember that trip. The Chipmunks were eating crackers from our hands.
During that campout, Mom took all of us girls to the bathroom at night. We all flushed our toilets at the same time. The plumbing made a loud roar that sounded like Godzilla! All five of us girls grabbed a limb or whatever we could grab and expected Mom to walk with all five of us girls screaming. We apparently thought that Mom could fight off Godzilla with all five of us girls hanging from her. Mom couldn’t even walk, much less run! Ha! Ha!
Kurt & Vicky



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