I’m A Winner

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “You’re a Winner!.”

Well, the first thing that crosses my mind is what a billion dollars will buy. How about a B-2, or partial interest in a battleship, or my own city? But what if the economy tanks? Maybe I should buy land, lots of prime farmland that will get me an edge in the food market when the hard times arrive?

But maybe I should be more generous, and not concentrate so much on my personal bottom line.

What about animal shelters? How about doing something about the wholesale destruction of unwanted pets, and the abuse of creatures unable to defend themselves? A chain of animal shelters would be nice. Of course, I’d need auditors to watch over how the funds are spent. And then, of course, I’d need a second wave of auditors to watch over the first group. And the complications begin.

What about promoting the performing arts. A quick survey of the current, most popular movies showing today tells me that might be money well spent.

There is a point where enough is enough, more is too much. How would I determine where that point is? Maybe there wouldn’t be time for such calculations, what with fighting off all my new friends, and their lists of no-risk deals.

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