In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “______ is the new ______.”

Searching in a previous post, Zeke 01, I found the forth word was “teenager” and the 14th was event. And written below is what grew from that suggestion.

I was still sixteen when I bought my first car – a 1935 Ford sedan with a worn out 60-horsepower V8 engine, and no heater. The brakes were mechanical, actuated by four rods extending from the pedal to each wheel. Sometimes the rods dragged on the car frame, interfering with the deceleration process (my parents must have been out of their heads to let drive such a booby trap).

Being the age referred to above, I lived in a bubble. Injury or death occurred only to others which meant it was okay to drive my old Ford like I’d stolen it – heel-to-the-steel.

It was constantly in need of repair. I had so little money, and I certainly couldn’t afford to hire someone to fix it for me. Had it not been for the generosity of Gus, a local mechanic who lent his tools, furnished bottles of welding gas, and his unlimited knowledge, the Ford would have spent much of its life beneath the elm tree at Tanglewood Farm.

I didn’t know this man called Gus

‘Cuz I was a child too small

I’d seen him at the pumps

In dusty welder’s cap and overall.

He labored in a rented shop

A blacksmith, welder too

Projects were his delight

Jobs he was eager to do.

The smoke from his welder gas

Often made his day grim

With eyes swollen near shut

He’d work on, ‘cuz folks needed him.

At sixteen I learned to drive

With help I came to know

Fixing every little thing

For when I was ready to go.

It needed attention, this old car

The red Ford sedan

With so much to see about

I leaned on this man.

Helpful and patient he was

This man called Gus

Making sense of problems

Little fuss, little muss.

Gently, he led the way

So that I might see

What made this old car run

The Ford that belonged to me.

Reflecting back on Gus

To whom so much I owe

Who shared with me his knowledge

So my Ford was ready to go.

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