Prairy Erth


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Prairy Erth, by William Least Heat Moon – Copyright 1991 – 624 pages.

It’s an old book crammed with opinions that might change over time, but the facts therein will probably outlast us all.

I first became aware of Moon after reading his first book, Blue Highways, a book I enjoyed front to back. Blue Highways was what influenced me to buy Prairy Erth.

The book explores Chase County, Kansas, a place with a population of about 2,800 people, an area of 776 square miles, and a history going back so far in time that much of it is recorded only in stone.

It’s an excellent read.

Because of Moon and his book, Prairy Erth, certain portions of Kansas prairie grass – blue stem, buffalo, and bunch – have been set aside in reserves for the enjoyment of future generations.

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