My Dogs in this Fight…

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I’m not here to incite a riot, nor to inflame my readers. Think of this post as a note, a personal one, that I have chosen to write in hopes of retrieving data from my subconscious. I’m trying to understand that slap I incurred earlier this week. It came out of nowhere. My face recovered, my soul? No. I’m digging deep within me to find forgiveness. Actually, if I consider the faux pas, I remember its source, therefore I do not own this. Empathy and sadness generate my wish to type. I am thankful I can feel this pain. I understand true bravery is found upon a battlefield and not by a microphone, audience and multiple, hefty bank accounts.

Donald Trump. John McCain.  Stars and Stripes. American Veterans. Prisoners of War. Casualties of War. Taxpayer dollars. The cost of Freedom. A bone spur. Numerous draft deferments. The safety of ‘privilege.’ Moral…

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