Bad News – Flash Fiction


Brad knew a big storm was brewing. He knew the signs. Doing all he could, make certain the chicken house door was secured, he opened the barnyard gate so his cows had access to the loafing shed, he moved the trash can inside the garage, filled the lanterns with kerosene. And then he went to the house where he and Maggie watched the clouds boil in the west.

A power outage was a given, so Maggie set the propane camp stove before turning in.

The wind testing the windows and doors, searching for a purchase. Brad was up before dawn, and had breakfast before going out to milk. The river had changed course during the night.

The river was at the porch step. The river flowed where his barn and cows were the night before.

135 Words

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  1. I couldn’t help but think of all who currently struggle. This year has brought so many concerns to farmers, ranchers. Whether by high flood waters, unrelenting snowfalls or the fierce fires.
    Ranchers and farmers are truly unsung heroes. Seven days a week, under all sorts of conditions, and never 8:00 to 5:00.

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