Boot Camp – A Flash Fiction Story

“You’re the fireguard tonight. A Second Lieutenant and his inspection team will come by. A green pass is okay. Red? Don’t let him in. I don’t care if he’s Ike himself,” instructed our basic training leader, and then issued Mack a short broomstick. “Use this if you have to.”

“YES SIR,” shouted Airman Mack.

All 59 of us were hardly settled before the Second Lieutenant arrived. Hammering on the door, he displayed a red pass.

“YOU CAN’T COME IN HERE!” shouted Mack.

The 2nd Lieutenant yanked the door, the lock went flying. Mack struck the Lieutenant in the forehead with the stick, sending him back out the door, and onto the sidewalk on his neck.

Total chaos ensued – shouting, threats, running – awaking our leader. With his thundering, element-of-surprise-voice, our leader descended the stairs in his underwear, sending the Lieutenant, and his underlings, packing.

150 words


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