The View From My Window

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Through the Window.”

After peering from my window for one full minute I’m filing the following report.

It is early as I peer from my window, too early for much human activity. I live on a street where most people are out on US 75 sitting in the 40-mile-long parking lot that extends from here to Dallas. The rest of us are oldsters, and we are each flexing our joints, making certain everything is still in the same working condition as it was when we turned in.

Wait! I’ve spoken too soon! The lady across the street doesn’t cotton to walking – an internal combustion engine worshiper? She’s checking her mailbox. To do so, she exits the back door and starts her car. Coming out of the alley she swings a hard left to the mailbox in front of her house. After checking the box, she drives back into the alley and parks her car.

And that is what happened during the minute I pulled my curtain aside.

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