The Silver Robin

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Bedtime Stories.”

I don’t recall any bedtime stores from my toddler years, but I do recall my father telling of Major Bows and his 15-minute bedtime stories. This is hearsay, mind you. As the story goes he was a favorite, and mothers across America tuned him in at 7:45 each evening. At 8 o’clock he was finished and then urged the children to go to sleep. One evening after he’d signed someone left the microphone turned on and he said to his staff: “I guess that will hold the little bastards for another night.” He instantly fell out of favor with the mothers, and the major was never heard again.

When I was about nine my mother read the book, The Silver Robin, one chapter each evening. I’ve not seen the book since 1950, but the chapters are still fresh in my mind.

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7 thoughts on “The Silver Robin

  1. An awesome lesson for us all.
    Remember the photo stories you want me to write?
    I just thought of one I could write that goes along with this post. Something I said while working when I thought now one was around.
    I am going to use this post and then my post and story if you don’t mind. Thanks Scott.
    I love this post.


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