Rain Coats

Scan0030_0030On the Katy Trail



Moderate rain began our second morning on Missouri’s Katy Trail. Unfortunately, we were some five or six miles short of any refuge. McBark, our 35 pound dog, fared well with a white, plastic garbage bag serving as his rain coat.

Mid morning found us in Sedalia. We were soaked to the skin, and chilled through, so we left the trail in search of rain coats. The first place we found, however, was a Star Mart. The clerk was servicing the outside trash cans when we arrived, and I realized that inverted they might serve as ponchos. One dollar later I punched holes for our heads and arms.

Armed with directions back to the trail, we roamed the streets until the rain had stopped. The sun was out by the time we came upon a Katy Depot undergoing renovation, and found a carpenter remodeling an outside window frame. He obliged us by laying his hammer aside to listen to my query. However, he was so distracted by Barb in her black trash bag, he couldn’t pull his eyes away.

Normally, she’s a lady of few words, so she startled me when she interrupted, stating:

“Pay me no mind. I’m simply making a fashion statement.”

His face became a deep scarlet.

“Turn left at the corner,” he grunted, and returned to his window frame.

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